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Experience Your Original Blueprint of Joy, Pleasure and Creative Potential Aligned with Your Souls Sacred Path.


Welcome, I'm Kelsea Shanaia Rai

 Integrative Counsellor, Breathwork Facilitator and Womb Embodiment Guide.

With an extensive background in offering group work and individual sessions to youth and adults, I guide women of all ages to claim their power, worth and innate wisdom, so they can birth a reality that feels like Heaven from within. 

Through my compassionate and person centered approach, I am fiercely dedicated to supporting my clients harvest greater self love and harmonious, authentic relationships. I lead them on a journey of radical self discovery through embodying their soul's pleasure, presence and play; awakening their sovereign innocence.

Upcoming Event: Red Tent 
Womb Initiation Retreat

 July 30th- Aug 1st, Nordegg Alberta 2023 

This Rite of Passage retreat is a multi-faceted journey of healing the wounds held within your womb and embracing the feminine mystery within. A quest to meet and connect with the depths of your feminine soul while awakening your innate power, intelligence, love, and radiant expression that is connected to the cycles of your body and nature. While deepening in connection with a circle of supportive sisters, you will explore what it means to journey across the threshold, initiating yourself as a new transformed woman. 

Screen Shot 2021-01-28 at 12.14.47

"Fruition" By Autumn Skye 

You Say You Want To...

Feel empowered and connected to your highest Self, living your greatest expression and feeling a motivational zest for creating the life of your dreams? 

Awaken your innocence and become rooted in playful presence, surrounding yourself with harmonious relationships and experiences that build your wonder for living?

Be seen for who you truly are, feeling safe in your body to express your emotions, as well as your needs, wants and desires, creating a world of sovereign choice, freedom and liberation?

Move beyond trauma, sabotaging patterns, and unhealthy addictions, welcoming the alchemical process of integrating your shadows into wholeness?

Work through relational challenges, learn communication skills, self-regulation practices, and heal your soul wounds in partnership?

Receive a supportive, non-judgemental, healing space that allows you to unravel and come to know more of who you truly are? 

 But you don't know how you're going to get here?
Don't worry. 


Take a deep breath and know that you are in the right place.

I am here to support you...


Integrative Counselling & Intuitive Coaching

Breath of Life

Conscious Connected Breathwork


Womb Work & Feminine Embodiment 


Here's What Others are Saying..


"Having Kelsea's support has been deeply valuable and transformative. Kelsea is incredibly thoughtful, warm and wise, providing the space to safely open up and explore elements of myself that were previously hidden from me. She is a talented energy worker, who guides you through sessions of self-discovery. Her piercing insight and somatic healing work helped me to connect and align with my soul and to integrate some of the fragmented and repressed emotions I carried. Together we worked through some of the deeply rooted mental and emotional patterning present and I was given the tools to approach them with mindfulness, courage and love. I have learned to support myself in meaningful ways through our work together, and I have never felt more worthy. Understanding how to be truly there for myself was one of my biggest takeaways from our work together."

~ Lauren Mulhern

Astrologist and Intuitive Coach


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