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Awakened Innocence Private Sessions

Powerful and direct personal journeys into the heart and matter of your soul. 

It is through falling into the depths of
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Private Sessions

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Throughout our time together, you will be given a safe and confidential space to express and emote what your life is presenting. Using my intuition, insight and refined skill, I will guide you through a process of integration, embodiment and
quantum energy healing that will support you on your path of
Self love and soul awakening. 

Each Private Session is unique depending on the energetics
present and the intention behind your desire to work with me.
They are 1.5-2 hours long and are done through Zoom,
or in person if you live in Vancouver, BC. Each Session
includes a follow up email, the recording of our call and self-help
practices to further support your integration. 


"The more we know about how we lost our spontaneous wonder and creativity, the more we can find ways to get them back."

Using an integrative approach with dynamic psychospiritual and somatic practices, my intuitive presence can support you in a range of different ways, including guiding you to:

  • Heal your inner child by journeying into the heart of your innocence.

  • Release any physical, emotional, mental, sexual or spiritual trauma stored within your body.

  • Experience greater self love, expression, purpose, sensuality and creativity. 

  • Release addictions, anxiety, self judgement, depression and criticism.

  • Welcome greater intimacy with yourself, with others, and your romantic partner. 

  • Be present with and move through deep grief, longing and heartache. 

  • Develop clear energetic boundaries, heal from codependency and anomalous trauma.

  • Unravel from the cause and effect of lust, sexual perversions and infidelity.

  • Understand the point of origins where limiting beliefs, negative thought patterns and sabotaging contracts have been formed and release them.

  • Release your ancestral wounds and set yourself and your generational line free from burdens. 

  • Journey into past life memories and integrate lost soul fragments.

  • Let go of unhealthy narcissistic relationships and/or religious/spiritual cults.

  • Explore the process of connecting to your higher self and the exiled parts of yourself.

  • Develop greater intuition and embodied presence.

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Each transformational program is offered to those who are deeply committed to their soul's growth and desire to receive the benefits of working intimately with me over a longer period of time. You have the option of choosing either a 3 or 6 month immersion depending on how far you wish to explore your inner landscapes. During these programs, we meet every other week, giving space in-between our sessions for integration, reflection and your prescribed "soul work" and embodiment practices. 

3 Month Immersion

6 Private 1:1 Sessions (1.5 hrs long) 

6 Follow Up Sessions ( 30 minutes)

Constant Email Support 

Guided Meditations

Recordings of Each Call

Energy clearing, Shamanic Reprogramming, and Intuitive Guidance

6 Month Immersion

12 Private 1:1 Sessions (1.5 hrs long) 

12 Follow Up Sessions ( 30 minutes)

Constant Email Support 

Guided Meditations

Recordings of Each Call

Energy clearing, Shamanic Reprogramming, and Intuitive Guidance

Because of the intimate nature of these programs, I require you to book a free Breakthrough Session to explore if working together is in full alignment.

Together, we will look at your greatest challenges and explore what is blocking you from embodying your sovereign self. I’ll support you in receiving clarity on what your soul is desiring and you will leave our session with inspiration on your next steps to get your desired results.

Those who have received private sessions are saying:

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"I cannot express how much I am in gratitude and admiration of Kelsea. You can only meet people as deeply as they have met themselves and Kelsea shows that depth and embodies this in her teaching. The work and depth she has gone to in her personal practice has allowed me to not only see this modeled but, has also given me permission to dive and sink into the depths of myself. I am eternally thankful for this opportunity to learn from Kelsea as I know you will be too."

~ Natasha Von Salva

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