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Your Journey with me begins Here

Ready for radical transformation, growth and soul embodiment?

Here you have the opportunity to choose between several offerings depending on where you are on your journey, and how deeply you desire to delve into your own personal transformation.


Whichever way you choose to start working with me, I trust you will feel taken care of, heard, understood and respected.

As a women who has experienced many forms of trauma and psychological abuse, and who has come out the other side, I too am committed to your journey of Self awakening and embodiment. I will empower you, (or rather help you empower yourself ) to shift your life through dedicated healing, self- awareness, compassion and soulful integration. 

As I gently guide you through the process of awakening your innocence, through private sessions, breathwork, or womb work, you will experience feeling connected to the essence of your soul, mind, and body; connected to the radiant love within.


My clients leave our time together feeling shifted and liberated from their deepest pain, experiencing major breakthroughs in confidence, expression and personal power. 

Start your journey with me today

*click the picture of the offering you desire

Intuitive & Integrative Sessions
Conscious Connected Breath
Womb & Embodiment Work
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