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A transformational women's retreat, on the
Sunshine Coast of beautiful British Columbia
March 16-19th 2023

When we gather together in sacred womb space, our power magnifies and our ability to heal is amplified. It is here in the safe space and sanctity of sisterhood that we are welcome to come undone, to unravel our trauma’s, and express the depths of our vulnerability, offering our dance, our songs and tears as sacred prayers. It is through gathering together in soulful presence that we remember and awaken the treasures that are buried within us, finding the pearls of wisdom that reveal who we truly are.

This Womb Weaving retreat is a multi-faceted journey of healing the wounds held within the womb and embracing the feminine mystery within. A quest to meet and connect with the depths of your feminine soul while awakening your bodies innate power; tapping into the reservoir of unreserved love that is ready to be expressed passionately through your being.

During this retreat, you will be held by the lush forests of British Columbia, as we cycle through a program that will take you through the faces of womanhood, deepening your connection to your wild soul self. In this powerful container, you will awaken your Divine compass, leading your way into feminine surrender and open receptivity. You will become one with the elements of nature and be invited to welcome all of yourself; the good, the bad and the ugly, finding greater acceptance, self-love and embodied forgiveness, through the process of coming home.

It is ever important to continue growing and deepening in connection with community; sharing our medicine and embracing one another in grounded presence. During our time together, you will be given the opportunity to experience the magic of alchemy that is birthed through gathering in flesh and bone, with other women who hold similar intentions. You will weave a beautiful tapestry of feminine healing and welcome more awareness into your body; birthing yourself and the ways you relate to the world, anew.

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Hosted by Kelsea Shanaia Rai, Integrative Counsellor,  Breath Practitioner, and Womb Embodiment Guide, she will guide you on a transformative journey to explore and integrate the inner landscapes of your feminine soul. 

You will be supported and guided to awaken your feminine innocence and ignite your power to create joy and pleasure in all areas of your life. 

This program will address multiple area’s of self, such as:


  • Integrating mind, body connection through movement

  • Moving beyond sexual and psychological trauma

  • Acknowledging and letting go of ancestral wounds

  • Addressing the collective and personal shadows of the feminine

  • Embodying the consciousness of the womb, honouring our cycles and our innate wisdom.   

  • The journey of healing our inner child and what it means to return to our original blueprint of innocence.

  • Entering the feminine temple and empowering the Goddess within and without.

  • The complex relationships and manifestations between internal archetypes

  • Activating your voice through self expression and more...

As you connect deeper into your body, you will heal layers of pain and limiting beliefs, uncovering your strengths and opening your heart to receive the love and wisdom that is held within your  wombs unfolding consciousness.

Combining psychological, spiritual and somatic practices, you will be given an opportunity to create permanent and lasting changes in all areas of your life.


You will leave feeling refreshed, restored, rejuvenated and ready to usher in the emergence of your inner sun, as we welcome the dawn of Spring and the return of light on the horizon. 

" I had very little expectations going Into this retreat, my intentions were of connection, presence and having an open heart. I have travelled all over the world and experienced many different life changing experiences, but this woman’s retreat was by far the most profound and transformative experience of my entire life. I believe my soul chose to do this work long before I ever took my first breath. I needed this experience to heal my ancestral wounds and break free from limiting beliefs that were holding my soul back. Being held by Shenaia with such deep presence and love, and on top of that being seen and held by 10 other women was the level of connection I needed. This type of experience is so needed right now, for men too but especially women. We have been pinned against each other for far too long, comparing ourselves against each other instead of seeing ourselves reflected within one another and connecting to our inherent gifts as women, together. Thank you for creating this"


Take a moment to think about how good it will feel listening to the sounds of the crashing waves, as you soak in the hot tub overlooking the breathtaking view of the mountains, letting go of a limiting belief that you have been housing for a long time... 


How good does it feel to walk beside the oceanfront, feeling the warm breeze on your face and hearing the sounds of eagles soaring above you?


How does it sound to hear the laughter, prayers and songs of women opening and uplifting your heart?


To smell the delicious aroma’s of fresh organic food and nourishing elixirs being prepared for your body temple?


The emerging light of Spring returning, welcoming you and the blossoming flowers all around you into your  radiance and unique expression of love?


Are you ready to experience this beauty and find out for yourself?...

This Retreat IS for you if….
  • You are thirsty for self knowledge, evolution and connection with real, authentic sisters.

  • You are committed to dissolve the constructs of separation held within the feminine shadows and heal the trauma’s that have been held within your body.

  • You desire to harness the integrity of the womb through a holistic and organic approach, accessing more of your potential and power to create.

  • You understand the power of ancestral healing and are ready to set yourself free from generational trauma.

  • You are ready to catalyze your soul’s transformation and embody more of your true self, becoming empowered and free in your emotions.

  • You wish to receive a safe space to experience soulful rejuvenation and deep sensual nourishment.

This Retreat is NOT for you if….
  • You aren't ready to surrender to the alchemical fires
    of change and transformation that are necessary for
    your growth.

  • You aren’t willing to be honest and truthful about
    yourself and your personal vulnerabilities in a group

  • You don’t seek a connection and/or communion with
    something much greater than you, or other women in

  • You’re not willing to invest in yourself and give
    yourself the gift and experience of self love and soul

  • You are not willing to take responsibility for your triggers and instead project onto others excessively.

  • You aren't committed to listening to your body.

What is included in the retreat:

– Feminine embodiment practices and guided meditations

– Healing and sharing circles
– Womb work & sound healing
– Reflection time in pristine nature landscapes

– Daily movement and energetic readings offered by Lauren Mulhern
– IFS Psychodrama Sculpting offered by Sarah Jarvis
– Conscious connected breath offered by Jenn Field 
– Ceremonial yoni steam and silent journey to yoni cave

– 3 Nights of shared accommodations, 4 days of deep soul nourishment

– 8 Healthy and deliciously prepared organic meals (for all dietary preferences) including: Breakfast, lunch, dinner, coffee/tea, snacks

– Access to spa amenities (including hot tub, dry sauna, infrared sauna, steam room and cold plunge)
– Water Sport utilities (including canoe and paddle boards)

– Option to book a Lomi Lomi Massage with Jenn (for additional fee)
– Surprise take home goodies

**Airfare and travel costs NOT inc.** 
You will need to arrange your own way to the Sunshine Coast. If you need support booking flights and finding rides, please contact me to make arrangements.

“What if one’s tendency to go wandering off is truly a gift? What if the driving force beneath the curiosity that leads a person to wander off the beaten path is not immaturity, but the wild, untamable Spirit of God, drawing them into the wild to be refined, to discover fresh insights, and pioneer a new way forward for a new group of people?”
~Brandan Roberston 

Where We Will Stay:

Halfmoon Haven Ocean front Resort & Spa

The oceanfront property is located on one of the most secluded beaches on the Sunshine Coast: Welcome Beach (just 2 hours from Vancouver). This magnificent property is surrounded by nature offering a therapeutic hot tub facing the Pacific Ocean with magnificent views of the Gulf Islands, as well as a steam room, sauna and full service spa. All retreat activities will be held within the ceremonial yurt on the property. 

This particular property and bay was a gathering place to replenish and rest part way along the canoe journeys that would happen regularly along these Coastal regions. With its “half moon” shaped bay, it has been a safe haven in storms with the way the tides run, and the protection of Mary and Thormanby Islands, not to mention the potent ley lines that run through the center of the property for hundreds and hundreds of years.

Its lush surroundings (that are still present today) were plentiful and diverse in its biosphere, rich with various medicines, plants, animals and a range of bird life. This land is and has been a place historically used to stop, rest, cleanse, heal, and regain important energy for the next part of the journey.

Photo's taken by Chelsea Brooke Roisum @CBR Photography



Early Bird Rate: $1200 CAD (Before Jan 20th, 2023)

Regular Rate: $1400 CAD (After Jan 20th, 2023)

Payment Options:

Paypal, Credit Card, E-Transfer.  Payment plans are available with a non-refundable $500 deposit. 





* Payment Plans and Scholarships are available. Please reach out to me personally to inquire, or E-transfer to:

*Due to the special nature of this container this retreat is for biological womb holders only.*


Meet Your Guides


Kelsea Shanaia Rai is a Transformational Catalyst who holds up a compassionate and empathetic mirror of embodiment. Through her holistic style of counselling and group work, she helps women from around the world awaken and own their power, sexuality, worth and embodied feminine wisdom. She considers herself a forever student eager to build on her academic foundations in counseling and childhood education, as well as her inner spiritual awakenings initiated through the mystery school of life. Throughout the last decade, she has awakened deep innate wisdom, forming a masterful tool box of both scientific and spiritual knowledge, using the quantified field to support her clients to radically shift their lives, from the inside out. Her passion is fueled by guiding others to integrate their shadows, embody their wholeness and help them return to their original blueprint of innocence. 

Lauren Mulhern is an Astrologer, Intuitive Coach, and Essentrics Instructor. Lauren dove into the healing arts over 10 years ago when her life took an unexpected turn. Her personal experiences with grief and loss were the catalyst to deep transformation and her desire to be of service was born. Lauren hosts transformational workshops using astrology, intuitive guidance and movement to remind and reconnect people to their innate beauty, power and potential. Connect with her at:


Sarah Jarvis is a psychotherapist, educator, and the clinical director for Compassion Within: Counselling & Mindfulness Clinic. Sarah specializes in Internal Family Systems (IFS) therapy,  trauma healing, ancestral/lineage work, and somatic integration. She weaves together modern psychology and intuition to support her clients to deepen their own knowing, healing, and embodied self-leadership. She is delighted and honoured to be returning to Halfmoon Haven for this powerful retreat. Connect with her at:


Radically intuitive & deeply empathic, Jenn Field is also embodied and at home in her own skin. She is an International Teacher in multiple healing modalities, and tells it like it is as her devotion to truth, while being steeped in compassion and humbled in experience.  

Jenn brings with her more than 25 years of service, both in mainstream and alternative health care.  Specializing in Shamanic Bodywork & Conscious Connected Breathwork, she bridges wisdom and practice, adaptability and depth for a unique & empowering experience every single time.  Jenn and her husband raised their family, and continue to live and work from their beautiful home "Halfmoon Haven Beachfront Retreat & Spa" on the Sunshine Coast of British Columbia, Canada.  Jenn offers personal sessions, group experiences, transformational retreats, VIP immersions, and more.  Connect with her at:

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