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Breath Work

Transform your life through the simple act of conscious connected breathing

"With each inbreath and outbreath, each expansion and contraction, we are offered the simplest and most profound tool for our soul's awakening"

Our breath is the most fundamental connection we have to all of life. It is our internal guide and inner Shaman that when harnessed properly, can pave the way to our self awakening, reminding us of who we truly are.

This form of facilitated breathwork is an open and balanced self-practice of breathing, that flows as a relaxed and continuous wave. This breathing technique enhances the flow of oxygen and life force energy throughout the body and mind, bringing all that is unconscious into conscious awareness while integrating traumatic experiences, balancing the nervous system, reaching altered states of consciousness and re-patterning your life effortlessly. 

On a physical level:

  • It changes balance between O2 and CO2 levels

  • Oxygenating our cells and massaging our organs.

  • Aids and supports digestion, shifts our metabolism and detoxifies the body. 

  • Releases physical trauma and flushes adrenaline and cortisol out of the system. 

On an emotional level:
  • Raises the vibration and moves stagnant emotions such as anger, grief and toxic shame to the surface resolving the roots of depression, anxiety and fear.

  • Integrates emotional trauma, releasing self sabotaging beliefs and creates greater joy and states of bliss.

On a mental level:


  • Creates new neural pathways inside the brain, connecting the conscious to the unconscious.

  • Supports the healing of addictions and unhealthy mental patterns. 

On a spiritual level:
  • It enables you to access higher levels of awareness and existence through altered states of Consciousness.

  •  Opens you to receive higher octaves of Divine Love, Grace, and Truth.

some writing here that is a more persona
Book your first session today

Each session is 2 hours long with an exchange of $188.

Begin to consciously process emotions with clarity, heal your wounds, and return to your innocence.

This is for you if...
  • You are ready to heal traumatic experiences such as your birth story, abusive relationships and other life threatening events that are still trapped in your body

  • You are experiencing low energy in your body and wish to feel more vibrant, healthier, alive and happy

  • You are falling into unhealthy patterns or self sabotaging addictions and desire to shift out of this quickly

  • You are seeking spiritual answers and desire a deeper connection to your Higher Self and don't know who to trust or where to turn to

  • You desire to conceive a child but nothing is working and you feel infertile and like giving up

  • You are spinning around in fear, grief, sadness, shame, guilt ect. and feel like the weight is too heavy to bear on your own

  • You are feeling chronic pain from an injury and are yearning to experience deep relaxation and a fast recovery

  • You are having troubles breathing, digesting your food or generally feeling uncomfortable and out of balance in your body

I can't wait to begin this journey with you

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