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The journey that led me to becoming a transformational catalyst has not been an easy path. Who I am today is shaped from the trauma and abuse I had to overcome in my own life. From
surviving childhood trauma, sexual abuse, drug addiction, spiritual narcissism, cult manipulation
and paranormal activity, I have woven a depth of personal understanding and dedicated synthesis of these shadows.

Witnessing the misuse of leadership in the coaching industry and normalized preying on people's
vulnerability, I feel strongly about creating a more empowering approach; fostering a
relationship of kinship, equality, radical honesty, and mutual respect with my clients. I
encourage my clients to reach and claim their own independent, self-sustaining healing potential
so they may carry themselves whole for the rest of their lives.

My passion is found in guiding others to re-parent their inner child and integrate their fragmented parts, so they may heal the core wounds and fundamental belief systems formed within their early years that continue to perpetuate chaos,trauma and separation in their present-day lives. My work is rooted in self-exploration through sparking the imagination and intuition,  connecting with the higher realms of Spirit, and anchoring this intelligence into the body. 

I am a lover of the ocean, sailing into the sunset with my partner, and exploring the Pacific Northwest forest in my backyard.  I enjoy sharing long table dinners with loved ones and listening in stillness. 

When I am not coaching, providing somatic therapy or facilitating breathwork, I am supporting children and youth in their homes and working with marginalized women at Atira Women’s Society in Vancouver, BC. I wish to make healing an accessible journey for all groups of people. 

I consider myself a forever student,
eager to build on my academic foundations in psychology and counseling as well as my inner
spiritual awakenings initiated through the mystery school of life. With a passion for the feminine arts and shamanic awakening, I have studied deeply with different tantra teachers, womb guides, somatic healers and educators of psychotherapy and mindfulness.

I specialize in working with women who are committed to healing from all forms of trauma,
abuse, self-sabotaging patterns, narcissistic relationships, and those who desire to be embodied in
their feminine radiance and personal power. I desire to see a world where all women love themselves unconditionally and feel connected and grounded in their bodies, co-creating soulful relationships without shame, oppression or abuse. 

Today I am a healing vessel, working with the abundant energies of Divine Love, embodying the wisdom and power that helps transmute the weight my clients carry, so that they can experience their own version of transformational breakthroughs in every facet of their lives.

My Philosophy

I believe that when we access our inner child's wounds and heal their unfelt pain from their
earliest years, we are able to experience and live connected to the essence of Heaven.

We become like little children,
harbouring a refreshed perspective, connected to our innocence. The world turns through a
more beautiful, explorative lens. A cleansed palette, tabula rasa. We live with less stress and take
life less seriously. We move through our surroundings with curiosity and playful surrender.

This is why I live to experience play, lightness, and embody elation in its most authentic expression. This means I am dedicated to do the necessary shadow work of exploring my inner and outer landscapes, integrating my trauma lessons and calling in my own negative patterns for transformation. We can only guide others as far as we have journeyed ourselves, so as much as I am devoted to serve others, I am also committed to serve my own soul's evolution on the path of transformation and awakening innocence. 

I understand that we can break free from the loops of pain; of experiencing extreme highs and lows. There is a place of neutrality within us where all of our cycles can truly be re-written, and we become free to not only experience, but embody genuine tranquility, joy and equilibrium.

It takes building trust in relationships to heal trauma. This is key in my devotion to honest
connection and compassion with my clients. To support them in uncovering places held within
that may have never before had a safe space to be expressed.

I don’t believe in disempowering
others by giving answers from a pedestal that isn’t truly lived within their own bodies. The body
knows when the mind is being deceived, and our healing becomes stunted and conditional. My
approach involves personal embodiment and excavation, helping people uncover their own inner
lighthouse beacon so their healing journey is self-given and therefore, self-sustainable.

I wish for all souls to awaken their innocence and become who they were truly born to be.

Join me on this journey of awakening your innocence and reconnect with who you were born to be. Unlock the lightness and playfulness you were meant to enjoy in this life.

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