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Womb Work & Feminine Embodiment

The womb is the keeper and the holder of all Creation. Through her multidimensional wisdom that stretches through our ancestral lineage, we weave tapestries of living and breathing knowledge. Every memory that our ancestors and ourselves have experienced; the traumas, pain, judgement, betrayal, separation etc, it is all encoded within the cellular walls of our womb's chamber. It is through facing these truths, healing our wounds, and growing in Love that we begin to truly heal the disease (Dis-ease) that lives inside our womb, and through new awareness, create positive patterns of being into existence. It is in healing our womb that we create space for new life to grow inside and through us. The children, projects, visions and dreams we desire to birth into reality, manifest with greater ease and grace, and our intuition grows as we communicate and co-create with the intelligence of our soul embodied with Love. 

Are you ready to uncover the Mystery held within your Womb?


Together we will anchor into the energy of your womb and through a guided shamanic and somatic experience, uncover what your womb is ready to release, clear and transform. Once this powerful clearing is completed, you will receive a follow up email with take home practices that will  further support your integration and womb health. Each session is 1.5-2hrs long and has lifetime benefits. Sessions can be done over Zoom, or in person in Vancouver, BC



Come and receive a nourishing, gentle space to connect with your womb, rebalancing, cleansing and releasing energetic and physical toxins, softening your nervous system and embodying feminine receptivity. This is an exquisite gift of love and self care that you can offer yourself or book with a friend. Everything you need to relax and melt into this experience is provided for you, including the herbs, steam pot, your yoni seat and after care practices. This is only offered in person. My Vancouver, BC Address is be provided after registration.  


An intensive and soulful multi- week immersion for women who would like to receive a unique and powerful initiation into the vastness of the womb's chambers, commiting to the healing work that is necessary to embody the radiant and magnetic feminine. These series include a private Telegram group to share and receive ongoing support/resources, recordings of each guided meditation, special take home goodies and a growing sisterhood of the heart.

Pregnant woman's belly at 30 weeks. Pregnant mom with a tummy in the bushes of rose flower


This rite of passage ceremony is offered to expectant Mothers from the closest women in their lives. As a ceremonialist, I will guide each sister circle through a series of empowering rituals, that honour, nourish and support their pregnant mama to build her strength, as she prepares to birth her baby Earthside. This ceremony grows community and offers a blessing to the Mother, that she will carry throughout her lifetime. 


Our school is committed to helping women of all ages understand and embrace the changes of puberty, menstruation, sexuality, pregnancy, birth and menopause. To honour the cycles of life and death, through exploring the feminine archetypes and our connection to the Divine. Our school guides Rite of Passage ceremonies for girls & women to honour the sacredness of their first bleed, as well as the transitions from maiden to mother, and mother to crone, acknowledging the powerful ripples this has within the web of life.

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