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Womb Weaving:
7 Week Series 

An intensive and soulful immersion for Women who would like to receive a unique and powerful initiation into the vastness of the womb's chambers,  commiting to the healing work that is necessary to embody the radiant and magnetic feminine.

Are you a woman looking to explore the relationship you have with the feminine, and your connection with the Divine?

Are you drawn to the path of soul embodiment, devoted to leaving no stone unturned in the quest of bringing your shadows into the light of awareness and love?

Do you desire to awaken your innocence and become rooted in playful presence, surrounding yourself with harmonious experiences that build your wonder for living?

Have you felt tired of feeling like you have to make yourself small around others, longing to express yourself fully and fearlessly, becoming everything you truly are?

Do you wish to be held and grow within a group of courageous, heart-centered women who are willing to support you, love you, and embrace you?

If so, then this container has been created especially for you.


Throughout the 7 weeks together, you will be guided to explore: 


  • The consciousness of the womb's energetic gateways, and the path of feminine soul embodiment, using the rose as a guide.

  • Awakening wisdom of the lunar feminine cycle, and your own personal connection to her life's archetypal, unfolding journey.

  • The alchemical process of synthesizing your darkest shadows into wholeness.

  • The journey of healing your inner child and what it takes to return to your original blueprint of innocence, play and creativity.

  • The cause and effect of our patriarchal mother wounds, and how to create new foundations in all areas of our lives.

  • Your energetic boundaries; exploring psychic protection, breaking past life contracts and removing energetic implants.

  • The wisdom of our ancestors, the intelligence of our sub personalities and the gifts they offer us.

  • Occult topics that will awaken, inspire and support you to liberate yourself into sovereignty and personal empowerment.

  • The profound healing and nourishment that comes when women gather together in a trusted and supportive sisterhood.

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As women, our path to enlightenment is through our bodies.

For years we have forgotten to honour this sensitive process and have lost touch with our inner compass. We have allowed the effects of trauma to dissociate and compromise our true selves, leading our inner and outer worlds into a state of imbalance and separation. Now, we are awakening and remembering the gifts that lie dormant within us.

As we explore our inner landscapes and understand the energetics that lie within us, we can navigate our lives in greater alignment, and through our healing, welcome our soul into greater octaves of love, power, wisdom, and  joy. In this awareness, we embody the wonders of creation that are our natural birthright, and we become who we truly are.



You are invited to come journey into your feminine soul, to uncover the shadows and the light that rest inside your womb, body, psyche, and mind.

In this series, you will foster an ever growing trust in sisterhood and community, receiving clear reflections, and a safe space to process and integrate your larger life.

Here, you will explore what it means to be seen in your vulnerability and rawness, unfurling your precious petals, and weaving a sacred tapestry of Divine Feminine wisdom and Soul empowerment.



The Details & Cost


Where: My beautiful ceremony home space in Point Grey, Vancouver, BC *Address will be provided after registration*

When: Every Thursday evening beginning on Oct 6th, 2022-Nov 17th, 2022

Time: 6:00pm-10:00pm *Time may vary to suit everyone's schedule*

What is included: Light snacks, tea and take home goodies. A private Telegram group to share and receive ongoing support/resources. Recordings of each guided meditation. Shamanic reprogramming and energy work. 

Exchange: $577 Payment plan options are available. To inquire please reach out to me personally: shanaia.celeste@gmail.com

*Due to the special nature of this container this circle is for biological womb holders only.*


What women are saying about the impact of Womb Weaving

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"The work we did with Kelsea influenced the deepest awakening within my feminine essence. Coming together in courageous sisterhood, we were given the opportunity to explore our own underworld. We covered a whole spectrum of topics, from inner child healing, womb work, ancestral healing, breaking past life contracts to understanding the inter dimensional matrix and the occult. It was a safe space to witness and hold one another in our rawest forms while going into the realms of where we have cycled patterns that arise from our core wounds. We were given tools that allowed us to navigate the point of origin of these wounds, releasing them from our psyche, time lines and parallels. This paved the way to our true self sovereignty.

If you feel connected to the priestess, deep feminine wisdom teachings, are looking to heal from trauma or abuse, want to walk the path of self sovereignty, release the toxic feminine or if you’re just plain curious, I highly recommend working with this amazing woman."

— Joy Tan