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Womb Weaving:
14 Week
Online Series 

An intensive and soulful immersion for Women who would like to receive a unique and powerful initiation into the vastness of the womb's chambers,  commiting to the healing work that is necessary to embody the radiant and magnetic feminine.

Are you a woman looking to explore the relationship you have with the feminine, your womb, and your connection with the Divine?

Are you drawn to the path of soul embodiment, devoted to leaving no stone unturned in the quest of bringing your shadows into the light of awareness and love?

Do you desire to awaken your innocence and become rooted in playful presence, surrounding yourself with harmonious experiences that build your wonder for living?

Are you ready to claim more of your sovereign creativity, giving birth to your visions, projects and dreams with more ease?


Are you hungering for depth, connection, restoration, and renewal from your busy world?

Have you felt tired of feeling like you have to make yourself small around others, longing to express yourself fully and fearlessly, becoming everything you truly are?

Do you wish to grow and be held within a group of courageous, heart-centered women who are willing to support you, love you, and embrace you?

If you have answered YES to any of these questions, then this container has been created especially for you.


For years we have forgotten to honour our womb wisdom, and we have lost touch with our inner compass. We have allowed the effects of trauma to dissociate and compromise our true selves, leading our inner and outer worlds into a state of imbalance and separation. Now, we are awakening and remembering the power that lies dormant within us. We are weaving our wombs with the light of awareness and activating the Earth's grids, rising together to claim and embody what is needed to bring the world into balance and right relation.  

In this intensive immersion, Kelsea Shanaia Rai will offer you a well spring of feminine knowledge, shared from the rich tapestry of her life's growing wisdom as a therapist and womb embodiment guide. She will take you on a powerful archetypal journey into the phases and stages of the feminine, exploring what it means to be initiated and called forward as a womb carrier.

Teaching you the practices she has used in her own healing journey, she will help you heal your own body, mind, and spirit, and empower you to step into your full potential as a conscious co-creator with the Divine. 

Through this safe and supportive container, you will be guided through 5 Modules, with a total of 7 Zoom calls. You will receive psychological and spiritual teachings, embodiment practices, as well as an opportunity to share your process within the circle, being witnessed and seen as you weave your stories, dreams and prayers into the ancestral thread that connect us together as women. 

As you meet and transmute the wounded feminine shadow within yourself, you will be guided to breathe 
your sacred feminine soul into being and embody yourself as a steward for the new Earth, returning to the wild feminine who embraces herself fully. 

This course will help you to:

  • Become embodied as your divine self

  • Reclaim your sensuality and sexuality

  • Experience nurturing support of a heart-centered sisterhood.

  • Release karmic and ancestral baggage

  • Prepare for an intimate conscious relationship or deepen an existing one

  • Connect to the ancient power of your womb and know how to use it as an oracle

  • Develop psychic ability with boundaries and protection.

  • Become in tune with your body, nature, and your feminine side

  • Practice self care by allowing yourself to receive the unconditional love and support system that you deserve.

  • Discover new creative gifts or deepen existing talents.

  • Embody radiance, vitality and creative energy.

  • Magnetize your soul’s purpose with ease.

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What you will Receive; 


  • 7 bi-weekly live group calls discussing the material of each module (3 hrs each session)

  • PDF's &  take home rituals for each Module

  • Psychological soul work and exercises 

  • A special package delivered to your home with materials for each module

  • Embodiment and breathwork practices 

  • Guided meditations & their recordings

  • Access to private Telegram group to ask questions, share stories, and process within for the duration of the course.​

  • A growing community of strong supportive women that may last a lifetime


Module 1: The Child & The Yoni Lips

Module 2: The Birth of Sub-Personalities, the Matrix of Separation & The G-Spot

Module 3: The Maiden & The Clitirous

Module 4: The Mother & The Cervix

Module 5: The Crone & The Womb


The Topics we will cover; 

  • The consciousness of the womb's energetic gateways, and the path of feminine soul embodiment, using the rose as a guide.

  • Awakening wisdom of the lunar feminine cycle, and your own personal connection to her life's archetypal, unfolding journey.

  • The alchemical process of synthesizing your darkest shadows into wholeness.

  • The journey of healing your inner child and what it takes to return to your original blueprint of innocence, play and creativity.

  • The cause and effect of our patriarchal mother/father wounds, and how to create new foundations in all areas of our lives.

  • Your energetic boundaries; exploring psychic protection, breaking past life contracts and removing energetic implants.

  • The relationship to our ancestors and the medicine or poison they offer us.

  • The birth of our sub-personalities & the complex relationship we have with our internal archetypes

  • Clearing the womb of past lovers and sexual/ spiritual abuse

  • Re-writing timelines and conscious reality creation

  • Occult topics that will awaken, inspire and support you to liberate yourself into sovereignty and personal empowerment.

  • The art of sacred surrender, the path of enlightenment, and the embodied Triple Goddess; Maiden, Mother & Crone.  


Meet your Guide

Kelsea Shanaia Rai is a Transformational Catalyst who holds up a compassionate and empathetic mirror of embodiment. Through her holistic style of counselling and group work, she helps women from around the world awaken and own their power, sexuality, worth and embodied feminine wisdom. She considers herself a forever student eager to build on her academic foundations in counseling and childhood education, as well as her inner spiritual awakenings initiated through the mystery school of life. Throughout the last decade, she has awakened deep innate wisdom, forming a masterful tool box of both scientific and spiritual knowledge, using the quantified field to support her clients to radically shift their lives, from the inside out. Her passion is fueled by guiding others to integrate their shadows, embody their wholeness and help them awaken their original blueprint of innocence. 

The Details & Cost

Registration doors are now closed. 
Future dates will be announced soon. 

Where: Online through Zoom (Recordings are available)

Exchange: $888 
Exchange including Retreat: $1950



*Payment plans are available with 
3 monthly payments of $296 or 
4 monthly payments of $222*


What women are saying about the impact of Womb Weaving

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"The work we did with Kelsea influenced the deepest awakening within my feminine essence. Coming together in courageous sisterhood, we were given the opportunity to explore our own underworld. We covered a whole spectrum of topics, from inner child healing, womb work, ancestral healing, breaking past life contracts to understanding the inter dimensional matrix and the occult. It was a safe space to witness and hold one another in our rawest forms while going into the realms of where we have cycled patterns that arise from our core wounds. We were given tools that allowed us to navigate the point of origin of these wounds, releasing them from our psyche, time lines and parallels. This paved the way to our true self sovereignty.

If you feel connected to the priestess, deep feminine wisdom teachings, are looking to heal from trauma or abuse, want to walk the path of self sovereignty, release the toxic feminine or if you’re just plain curious, I highly recommend working with this amazing woman."

— Joy Tan

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