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Womb Weaving Workshop 

A travelling weekend intensive workshop for Women who would like to receive a unique and powerful initiation into the vastness of the womb's chambers,  commiting to the healing work that is necessary to embody the radiant and magnetic feminine.

Throughout the weekend, you will be guided to explore: 


  • The consciousness of the womb's energetic gateways and the path of feminine soul embodiment.

  • Awakening wisdom of the lunar feminine cycle and your own personal connection to her life's archetypal unfolding.

  • The journey of healing your inner child and what it means to return to your original blueprint of innocence, beyond the separation matrix.

  • The cause and effect of our mother and father wounds and how to create new foundations in all areas of our lives.

  • Advanced psychic protection and self defense, with contract and energetic implant removals.

  • The wisdom of our ancestors, the intelligence of our sub personalities and the gifts they offer us.

  • The profound healing and nourishment that comes when women gather together in a trusted and supportive sisterhood

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During this weekend intensive you will journey deeply into your feminine soul, uncovering the wounds that lay buried deep inside your womb space, your body and your psyche, exploring what it means to come together and heal with other women.

You will be guided to retrieve messages from your soul through meditation.
While past experience with meditation and intuitive development is recommended,
it is not required. 

Would you like to explore more details and see if your community
is ready to receive this transmission?

Please contact me personally to request my presence or ask me any further questions.

I look forward to weaving with you. XO


What women are saying about the impact of Womb Weaving

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"The work we did with Kelsea influenced the deepest awakening within my feminine essence. Coming together in courageous sisterhood, we were given the opportunity to explore our own underworld. We covered a whole spectrum of topics, from inner child healing, womb work, ancestral healing, breaking past life contracts to understanding the inter dimensional matrix and the occult. It was a safe space to witness and hold one another in our rawest forms while going into the realms of where we have cycled patterns that arise from our core wounds. We were given tools that allowed us to navigate the point of origin of these wounds, releasing them from our psyche, time lines and parallels. This paved the way to our true self sovereignty.

If you feel connected to the priestess, deep feminine wisdom teachings, are looking to heal from trauma or abuse, want to walk the path of self sovereignty, release the toxic feminine or if you’re just plain curious, I highly recommend working with this amazing woman."

— Joy Tan




During this soulful immersion you will dive deep into your inner landscapes and explore the relationship you have to yourself, your body, the Divine and the entire web of life. You will be guided into the depths of the feminine soul for deep exploration and transformation.


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