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Womb Weaving

A psycho-educational and experiential webinar for Women looking to deepen their womb- heart connection, and live embodied with the Divine.

"When our Wombs are purified and released of our individual and collective traumas, we become a vessel for Divine healing; a bridge for embodying Heaven on Earth, a catalyst of transformation and global evolution."

Hello beautiful Woman. I am so grateful that you are feeling the call to join me and this growing community of souls who are committed to their path of womb awakening. 

This webinar is going to offer you the opportunity to experience a new found connection to your womb, and reveal to you what my upcoming Womb Weaving Online Series is all about. It is going to offer you a unique and powerful transmission that will bring to light the roadmap that is available for you to walk on, while healing your womb, from the inside out.  

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Join My Free Webinar
7:00pm PST
November, 14th, 2022

This webinar is 2hrs long and includes a Q&A plus a free giveaway! 
This is for you if...
  • You desire to connect to your womb and your power to heal your feminine body & soul.

  • You are feeling inspired to connect with other women, heal your sisterhood wounds, and create a global sisterhood of empowerment.

  • You wish to foster a growing connection with your body, becoming a clearer vessel for the Divine. 

  • You are curious about my Womb Weaving Online Immersion and wish to receive more information about this journey.

  • You would like to be entered into the draw to win a FREE seat in this upcoming Womb Weaving Series.

I can't wait to begin this journey with you

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